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Why Should You Choose The Geothermal Way?

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Geothermal heat pumps are the sole provider of energy efficient heating and cooling. They work like every other heat pump by using a refrigeration cycle, the same cycle which is used in our refrigerator. This method mainly transfers the heat which is required to make it hot on one side and cold on the other side. These pumps, thereby, ensure that there is adequate heat inside your house during the winters and the right amount of coolness during the summers.

The specialty of geothermal heat pumps is the fact that they are connected to the ground. When it is cold outside, conventional heat pumps become less effective and transfer heat into your house from the air outside. Geothermal heat pumps transfer heat from underneath the earth. These heat pumps use water as the heat transfer medium. Water transfers heat 200 times better than air. During the summer, the refrigeration cycle reverses and you have an efficient way to cool your house.

Comparisons Between Geothermal & Other Heating and Cooling Methods:

  • Heating with the help of oil or propane produces heat by burning combustible fuel but geothermal heating and cooling transfer heat stored in the earth using underground pipes filled with a solution of water and antifreeze solution. It generates heat efficiently and distributes it indoors.
  • Geothermal heat pumps do not generate direct emissions. However, even “green” heating and cooling technologies like GSHPs produce “upstream” carbon emissions. The amount of these emissions depends on the power generation method in your area. The coal - fired power plants emit a relatively higher volume of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other greenhouse gasses.
  • The geothermal way is much more comfortable and cost effective than the other methods of heating and cooling.
  • Compared to other methods of heating and cooling, the geothermal way needs low maintenance and is long-lived. The indoor components last for about 25 years and the underground components for more than 50 years. Since the system has fewer moving parts and is protected by outdoor elements, so it requires minimal maintenance.
  • The geothermal method can be installed in both new construction and retrofit situations.
  • The geothermal way is much quieter than other ways of cooling and heating. This way is sans any loud outdoor fan or compressor. The indoor unit makes as much noise as a refrigerator.
  • The geothermal method of heating and cooling is not dependent on the rise in gasoline prices and extinction of fossil fuels. The whole process of the geothermal method is based underground.


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